Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pressure Washing tips for homeowners..

Orlando Florida Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. 407-415-3419 - or for a fast free quote, email us at and look for the envelope at the top of the page and click it! Also check out our frequently updated Facebook page at

Orlando Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing all other surfaces safely without any damages and you will have long lasting results since we always use cleaning solutions with all of our cleaning services not plain water.
Here are a few tips for homeowners to prevent certain stains that will not come off with cleaning...

Floor mats: I have noticed over the past 14 years that certain floor mats always leave a stain on painted decks and entrys by front doors due to the material they are made from. Black rubber mats are the worst since they act kind of like a tire peeling out on pavement, when you come inside you wipe your feet over and over and the mat leaves black marks. Another thing is moisture under the mats, when you have your deck or entry cleaned always make sure it is dry before replacing the mats. We do not leave mats rolled up because we forget, we do it so it will not leave a stain. Use mats that are made from other materials besides black rubber.

Iron Patio Furniture: If you plan on or have iron patio furniture it is a good idea to purchase plastic tabs for the legs and feet of the furniture so that the furniture will not leave rust stains on the deck or pavers. Use an adhesive to hold them on so that they do not come off easy. It will save you from having to replace or recoat your deck or patio.

Potted Plants: Years of cleaning decks and other flat surfaces I have seen it all, I have seen decks ruined from potted plants being set flat on the decks and circles of stains from the potted plants especially clay and metal pots. What you can do is put them on rollers or on plastic shims to keep the pots up off the deck about an inch so that the deck can dry properly under the pots and will not leave stains.

Gutter Downspouts: If you have gutters on your home and have a downspout that runs onto your driveway try and devert it away from the driveway or pavers so that it will not erode away the surface from constant water and also another benefit is that it will prevent moldy black stuff from accumulating in those areas.

Armor All Tire Wet: If you have a concrete driveway and have areas that are white on the driveway that are visible especially after having it cleaned it is armor all stains and they will not come off. If you decide to use armor all on your tires do it in the street or put cardboard under the tires and do not spray it on, use an application pad to apply.

Vines and Mud Dauber Nests: If you see vines starting to grow on your exterior pull them off asap because once they root in they will leave little black spots everywhere and cannot be removed by cleaning without damaging the paint. Mud Dauber nests are a common occurrance on many homes and if not removed quickly they will almost always leave a stain behind since the mud they use has had time to set in on your paint and will not come off.

I hope this information helps you out, and when the time comes for a roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, pool deck cleaning, driveway and sidewalk cleaning or a paver seal give us a call and we will take good care of you like the thousands of customers we have serviced over the past decade and a half.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pressure Cleaning Orlando


Roof Cleaning Service Orlando, Pressure Cleaning Service Orlando, Paver Sealing Orlando, Gutter Cleaning Orlando and Tile Roof Restoration Orlando. Tropical’s cleaning services include “Safe” No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Screen Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Wood and Vinyl Fence Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning and more..

Call 407-415-3419 or see for a lot of info!

Our other services include Paver Sealing and Tile Roof Painting and Restoration plus we also work with many other contractors who paint, install gutters, re-screen specialists and more so ask us who we recommend and give them a try.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT! I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS TODAY: I did a pool enclosure cleaning today on my last job and I was thinking about what the lady had asked me while doing the qoute. (She asked if the screens can be cleaned or did she need to replace them) and I told her I can get them looking brand new. She lost hope in her screens and might have spent a few thousand getting a rescreen instead of a clean. It came out looking perfect as always and she was happy with the results. So before you replace dirty screens call us first to see if they can be cleaned. I have cleaned hundreds of pool enclosures over the last 14 years and they all come out the same.. Clean! So many different sizes and scenerios it has become one of my favorite things to clean. I love the results and I love the compliments I get from homeowners.

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Orlando Pressure Washing / Orlando Roof Cleaning

Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. We service all of Central Florida including Orlando, Kissimmee, Deltona, Clermont, Leesburg, Titusville and everything between.

For a fast free over the phone or in person "No Obligation" written estimate call 407-415-3419 or and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Since we are a small family business we may not get to the phone right away since we are usually cleaning a home or business, but if you leave a message we will return your call promptly or if you email us we will get back to you faster at and leave your name, phone number, a message that contains what you would like to have serviced and we can almost always do it with our building specs program that gives every detail of your home or business' actual square footage and other details. There are times though where we will have to come out to look at a property personally.

Roof Cleaning should never be done by pressure washing. The only way that any roof should be cleaned is with a soft chemical cleaning process and rinsed only with a waterhose from a standard water spigot.

Pressure Washing all other surfaces is actually not the stereotypical blast stuff off with water deal. There is a process that we use that involves the use of pressure washing. But our machines are equipped with an injection system and custom application and rinse tips so that there will be no damaging pressure as well as we use only double steel braided mark free hoses so you never have black or blue marks that rub against your home or business' exterior. The way it works: I will say it in easier terms, apply the solution to the surface then switch tips and run until fresh water comes out then rinse and is done in sections. No getting up close and blasting stuff off just a spray and rinse. Why did we switch to using pressure washers for all other cleanings except roofs? Because, you can get more cleaned safely and the solution is controlled to an exact mix and no guessing what is in the tank. We used to do it the way of the ducks but found it to be more of a problem than a solution since you may have a 20-30 percent solution and you end up with dead plants or plants that are severely damaged as well as areas that could not be reached or rinsed thoroughly with a water hose.

Driveway and Walkway Cleaning is done with a surface cleaner not an orbital tip or a wand. We clean the entire surface first, then we rinse off all dirt, mildew and other contaminants that were on the surface and then apply a light solution to prevent fast regrowth and give a long lasting even cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning is always a full service. It includes hand or vac cleaning the gutters out (not blowing out leaves with a pressure washer or blower all over your lawn and shrubs) and then the debris is bagged in 3 MIL contractor bags and disposed of by us at our facility.

So if you want great service that is thorough and dependable give us a try!
Also ask about all our other services...

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roof Cleaning Orlando

Roof Cleaning Orlando by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems providing Safe NO PRESSURE Roof Cleaning services serving all of Greater Orlando and Surrounding areas. Safely cleaning tile, shingle, slate, metal, terra cotta and cedar shake roofs without the use of pressure washing which pressure washing will ultimately cause leaks from water intrusion from the high pressure that is used and it will shorten the life in your roof by 10 years in one cleaning and it will not last for no more than 6 months before you have to clean it again.

Tropical's Roof Cleaning process is a safe non pressure chemical roof cleaning alternative that is safe for plants, pets and people. The myths that chemical roof cleaning is bad for plants; stems from inexperienced roof cleaners that use very high concentrations of roof cleaning chemicals and not enough water to rinse off landscaping. Also they rely on plastic coverings so they rinse very little and never rinse the roof when finished. We never have to use plastic coverings for plants since plastic can also cause plants to become over heated from becoming too hot under the plastic sheeting creating a mini green house effect we also never have to use plastic coverings since we use the exact right mix ratio to effectively and efficiently clean your roof, plus we keep your landscape cool and fresh by continuously rinsing with water while the cleaning solution is being applied, we rinse off the roof with a water hose and rinse the plants again. We have never damaged landscaping from our roof cleaning or exterior cleaning process. After doing this for 14 years we know what to do in every situation.

For a FREE ROOF CLEANING quote call 407-415-3419 or you can visit our website at for before and after photos, how our process works and other information.

Chemical Roof Cleaning is a very affordable investment that will give you many benefits including the removal of toxic mildew from your roof, curb appeal by making your roof look like new, it will extend the life you have in your roof by removing destructive mildew and many other benefits. For an average 2000 sqft home with a shingle roof it will cost only $250.00 - $275.00 to have a roof cleaned that will stay clean for many years unlike pressure washing that will only last a few months as well as destroy your roof which is a waste of money.

Don't be fooled by these other "NEW" roof cleaning products you see at your local home improvement store or you find online for the do it yourselfer. You will spend more in time and money when you could have had a professional do it for you, plus you are putting yourself in danger by doing it yourself by climbing on ladders and walking on your roof without the experience that we have from years and years of walking all types of roofs.

We also safely clean exteriors, screen enclosures, driveways, sidewalks, fences, walls, patio furniture, pool decks, awnings, seal pavers and offer full service gutter cleaning, our gutter cleaning cleaning service does not leave a mess behind like others who just blow leaves and debris in your yard. We actually vac or hand clean all the debris, bag all debris with 3 mil contractor bags and flush out all down spouts to ensure proper flow and dispose of the debris at our facility not your curbs.
Our services are for both commercial and residential roof cleaning and exterior cleaning. We have thousands of references and you are a guaranteed repeat customer once you have used us.

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
Roof Cleaning

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mansion Exterior Cleaning 10 year anniversary...

Roof Cleaning Orlando by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems.

Safely cleaning all roof types without the use of any pressure what so ever, as well as non damaging chemical pressure cleaning exteriors, driveways, sidewalks, screen enclosures, pool decks, patio furniture, full service gutter cleaning, wood and vinyl fences and more..

Today is the 10th year cleaning this home in Winter Park and man how does time fly. I first cleaned this home with Ryan Komanetsky in 2001 right after 9/11 and remember it like it was yesterday. I now have a certain pattern I take every time that is time efficient unlike the first time that took us a day and a half. We clean it every year or twice a year depending if the homeowner has a special event happening at this home.

There are many mansions that we clean or have cleaned over the last 14 years, but this homeowner likes his house spotless all the time and chooses Tropical to maintain the cleaning and has been for 10 years now, that says a lot about our quality of work and since this blog site is pretty new you will be seeing a lot more big homes in the next few weeks, months and years. Our specialty is big residential and small residential homes and commercial as well. Wait until Thursday and we will have another big home to show you.

We take every step to ensure that everything meets every homeowners standards plus some, everytime we clean anything! If realtors, banks, NBA players, big names all over Orlando, health care companies, people you see on TV every night and people who have done well in life trust us to clean their homes and investment properties over and over again then you can trust us to clean your home or business. We will never mention any names for the privacy of our clients unless they say it is ok to do so.

Also, just because you seem to have money does not make us jack up prices by judging you from the home you live in or the title you carry. We treat everyone equally when we do estimates and we clean equally when cleaning.

You will be surprised who I have met and cleaned homes for over the years and still do and have a good repore with them. I got into NBA properties while working for the NBA and the Orlando Magic at night from 2004-2007 and there are many players homes I have cleaned that do not even play for the Magic. I just did one players home and then all of a sudden did 20 players homes. They are just like us, they work and come home and spend time with family and friends. They just play ball for a living.

If you are looking into having your home or business' roof or exterior cleaned or anything else cleaned keep us in mind for a FREE NO JUDGEMENTAL & NO OBLIGATION quote. Call 407-415-3419 or for more information. We will come out and go over everything with you. We will let you know if we recommend anything or if it even needs cleaning. Yes, we have been to homes where it was not even dirty before and gave them the choice to have it cleaned or wait. We believe in honesty before profit and will be sure that you get treated fairly by taking actual photos of stuff you can't see from the ground like gutters for example; I have been to some homes where the homeowners swear that the gutters are completely filled with debris and wants it clean out and so I set up my ladder to find a golf ball or tennis ball or something blocking the downspout and the gutter has nothing but some roof granules or a few leaves in them. I will take a digital photo and show them, of course I can't charge them for a gutter cleaning service but will charge a $20.00 travel charge if scheduled with no other services.

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Screen Enclosure and Pool Deck Cleaning

Orlando Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. Serving Commercial and Residential all over Greater Orlando and surrounding areas with Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Pool Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Wood and Vinyl Fence Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning and much more...

For a FREE no obligation consultation call me at 407-415-3419 or you can check out our site and for even more information visit to answer your questions or concerns about finding the right contractor to clean your roof safely.

Thought of the day...In the last 7 days I have cleaned 12 Pool Enclosures and Pool Decks along with a 16 roofs and 9 exteriors and 20 driveways and sidewalks and 1 brick wall. I keep meaning to blog about this though and it has been a reoccuring question of many homeowners who have a dark/bronzed pool enclosure. If you have one or if you are another cleaning contractor who has seen this then you will know what I am talking about.

When the hurricanes hit in 2004 many pool enclosures were destroyed and rebuilt. Many were changed from the white colored enclosures to the dark/bronzed colored beams. Probably thinking it will hide the mildew better and not need cleaning as often and plus they look fancy. But when they are constructed they sometimes get etched or scratched during the shipment and will need touch up painting where the scratches were. In the first 2 years they may not be noticeable but after that the touch up paint fades it turns into a golden brown color. It can be as little as one small spot or it can be in several dozen spots. They are most noticable in places where the beams join together but can be anywhere that was scratched and you will notice it if you have one.

So it is not spots missed from your cleaning contractor and can't be removed by simple cleaning. It will almost always require touch up painting every few years. So if you are deciding to purchase a new pool enclosure make sure that the builders take good care of the materials during installation and also shipment. Or just go with white, white lasts a lot longer and does not oxidize as fast. It is your preference though.

Also a note on Pool Deck cleaning. If you have a painted or coated deck never let anyone pressure wash it with a high pressure fan tip, make sure that they use a chemical pretreat and rinse lightly with low pressure or a water hose. High pressure will not properly kill the algae and it will also remove or pit the surface and will come back even worse in a short period of time. Plus a note to homeowners. Put all potted plants on rollers or on a stand so that the deck can dry underneath the pots. Clay pots will always stain the deck and the stains can not be removed so be sure to prop them up a inch or so with plastic stands or rollers so you do not get circles on the deck.

Pavers also should not be pressure washed with a high pressure fan tip because it will blow out the joint sand and cause your pavers to become uneven. I use a surface cleaner after prewetting the pavers with water to soften the mildew so that I can quickly go over the pavers without disturbing the joint sand and I rinse lightly at an angle with a ball valve to rinse all debris out the doors and not into the pool.

Choose your cleaning contractor carefully, there are a lot of inexperienced new guys in this - temporarily until the economy recovers and they may not be licensed or insured and can cause more damage than good. See how long they have been in business. Go to google and search and look up by registered name and if they do not appear there than search with ficticious name. If they are not there either they are not legally licensed and definatley not insured and or not registered with the state of Florida. You will see how long they have been operating once found by the annual report, we are formally Jade Cleaning Systems and now Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning. Do a little research before you do any prospecting for cleaning contractors, and if they give you a copy of an insurance document do not assume it is real or in good standing call the agent listed on the document and make sure they are still insured and make sure that they are not using anyone elses insurance.

We are insured with Atlantic Casualty and carry a 2 million 1 million policy and our agent is Burchell Insurance in Winter Springs FL. We are registered with the state and we are licensed, plus we are workers comp compliant.

Thanks for reading and we would love to serve your every exterior cleaning needs.
Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Orlando Roof Cleaning Orlando Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning safely without the use of any pressure also cleaning every other surface around your home or business. Safe roof cleaning, pressure washing, paver sealing, gutter cleaning, tile roof painting and restoration and more… Orlando’s roof cleaning professionals, leaving you with fantastic results whether it is your exterior, pool enclosure, pool deck, driveway, sidewalks, patio furniture, gutter cleaning without leaving leaves behind and are all hand cleaned, bagged and disposed of, paver sealing, tile roof painting, roof cleaning, wood and vinyl fences and more..

Call Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems for a free consultation and free demonstration at 407-415-3419 –

Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing Orlando. Commercial and Residential there is nothing we can’t clean. Since 1998 thousands of roof cleaning and exterior cleanings have been cleaned by us and we are here to stay, no fly by night company can compete with our quality maybe our prices but you get what you pay for.. right!

Don’t replace your roof - Clean It and save thousands. Roof Cleaning is the first step to prolonging the life of your roof and never have your shingle or tile roof pressure washed for that will shorten the life by 50% by causing leaks from water intrusion, granule loss, glaze degradation of tiles. Plus pressure washing only lasts a few months and then what, you wasted your money for a short term cleaning or for a price that is a little more you can have a roof cleaning that lasts for years and years. You do the math, turn down all contractors who use high pressure to clean roofs. Those guys are called “gypsy cleaners” here today gone tomorrow!

We do use pressure washing to clean just about everything else BUT! We use the same mildew prevention solutions before or after the cleaning depending on the surface. We are not the stereotypical pressure cleaning company you see with fan tipped wands waving it side to side to clean driveways or exteriors. We have a chemical injection system that feeds the chemical into the water stream with certain tips and cuts off the chemical with other tips that were custom made to my preference. I can clean a pool enclosure by standing in 2 spots only and I do not have to get close up to remove the algae. I just put on the application tip and run it until I see suds and apply the chemical to all screens and beams and then once coated I will switch tips to my rinse tips and run it until it is fresh water coming out of the hose and I can rinse the entire area from one spot without moving until I have to adjust to get the other sides of the beams.

Too many pressure cleaning companies have popped up in the last few years and picked up their equipment at a pawn shop or craigslist and have not the slightest clue on how to do it right, they decide it is not what they want to do and “poof” they are gone. I have seen it way too much in the last 5 or 6 years, I have been to so many homes where the last guy is out of business and I can see the mess they left behind even after year. Plus they did it so cheap I have to spend extra time educating the customer on why, how, what, when to get a reasonable bid on my behalf and to hear that the last guy did it for less than half of what I charge and I ask why they did not call him then? They ALWAYS say the same thing everytime - they are out of business or did a horrible job. You want it done right…. pay a little more to a reputable company like us or a few I can say are good like All Florida Roof and Exterior, Semper Fi Pressure Washing, Touch O’ Class and a very few others are all good companies and have been in this business long enough and know what they are doing. You can tell by the way they present themselves and by thier knowledge of everything to what can be cleaned to what is that stain to why does it look like that etc… So ask questions ASK ASK ASK ASK!!! It is that simple, if they are doing the uh and duh deal or say I have no clue they are right they have no clue about roof cleaning and pressure washing move on until you find someone you are comfortable with. Don’t settle for the cheapest bid, that is a tactic of a desparate non experience guy just to make an easy sale and a quick buck, I have matched bids at times just so they do not get the job and then the customer sees my results and I have another repeat client that will only call me and will pay my prices because they know what they are getting. Listen, I am not charging rediculously high prices I am charging the average industry price so I will usually fall in the middle to high middle range. I am not going to cut throats or drain your bank, my prices are fair and I am running a business and not a charity. I need to make a profit to stay in business as well as enjoy some of it just like most people do.

Roof cleaning and pressure washing is not as easy as you may think and is a dangerous job, it is not carpet cleaning or mowing grass. We risk our lives everyday cleaning 1,2,3,4, and 5+ story roofs to make your home or business look good and have curb appeal. You fall – your done! We are insured in the event it happens and will be financially covered for life but I will not sugar coat what we do, we are extremely careful with safety precautions and do not have a single injury at all at Tropical since we started BUT accidents can happen and if you think that roof cleaning is a simple job and should not cost much come work with me and I will let you go up and spray a roof, you will have a sudden change of thinking. There is cost of product, gas to drive there, wear and tear on equipment, our time that it takes to clean each home or business, the inherant risks that are involved by walking roofs, insurance, worker comp (very expensive), helper payroll just to name a few. So just remember that guy that is going up that ladder to clean your roof is also a person who has bills to pay, a family to feed and take care of and in this economy cash is not always pumping in so take that into consideration when you try and get the lowest price and not the best quality.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Orlando Roof Cleaning Services by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems.
Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Screen Enclosure Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Fence and Wall Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning and more..

Our roof cleaning system is safe for tile, shingle, slate, cedar shake, metal, membrane and asbestos roofs. We use no machines or any type of high, medium or low pressure to clean roofs. It is applied with a 12 volt pump with the pressure of a household faucet. We have cleaned over 10,000 roofs of every shape, material, size and color. There is nothing we have not seen or done since 1998. Commercial Roof Cleaning, Residential Roof Cleaning are second nature and along with our other services to us.

If you would like a free quote or have any questions feel free to email me at or just call 407-415-3419 and I will personally answer any questions you may have.

Check out our website and see some of our work in our picture gallery.

We are Licensed, Insured and Workers Comp Compliant. Plus we follow all EPA and DOT regulations.

You do not have to worry about plant damages, property damages or cut corners. We take so much pride in our work that we will not leave until it is perfect, that is our reputation and you are our valued client that will refer us to others and in return we will continue to grow as Orlando’s Most Reliable Roof Cleaning Company for the 6th straight year.

Also, ask about our other services we offer that you may need done at your home or business and we will give you a great package deal that will save you a lot of money.

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
Roof Cleaning

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kissimmee Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Kissimmee Roof Cleaning and Kissimmee Pressure Washing Services also Orlando Roof Cleaning and Orlando Pressure Washing Services serving all of Central Florida and most surrounding areas. Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Home Exterior Cleaning, Pool Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Wood Fence Cleaning, Vinyl Fence Cleaning, Brick Wall Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning and more..

For a Free Consultation call 407-415-3419 or go to for more information.

Today, 10/04/2011 we cleaned 3 roofs in Kissimmee Florida and I was astonished by what one homeowner had told me about the house across the street and also another who lived 3 houses down had told me. The first one said the roof across from them was pressure cleaned 3 months ago, but it did not look clean. As a matter of fact it was the dirtiest roof on the street and it was cleaned in July of 2011 and was covered with mildew already, that is a perfect example of why not to pressure wash any roof IT DOES NOT LAST and IT CAUSES WATER INTRUSION creating leaks and thousands in damages so don’t do it. The second person told me just yesterday his neighbor across from him had thier roof pressure washed and you can see the missing mortar and where the pressure took off the glaze from the tiles and even worse they paid $750.00 for a 3000 sqft Tile Roof which should only be $400.00 and done the right way that the roofing manufacturers suggest like our methods. Needless to say I sold 3 more roof cleanings to the guy who liked my method and loved the results on 3 properties that he manages.

Here are 3 tile roofs cleaned without any use of a pressure washer by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning today 10/04/2011

Don’t learn the hard way, just make sure that whoever you hire does not use a pressure washer to clean your roof. It is that simple and will save you from all sorts of headaches and save you money.
We use pressure washers to clean driveways and sidewalks. We also use pressure washers to clean exteriors, screen enclosures and walls, but we use custom tips for applying and rinsing not the stock tips that come with the machine and the pressure is non damaging and chemical is used to give you long lasting results.

Orlando Roof Cleaning- Roof Cleaning Orlando- Pressure Washing Orlando- Orlando Pressure Washing- Pressure Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Pressure Cleaning- Safe Roof Cleaning Orlando- Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning- Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning- Environmentally Safe
Roof Cleaning

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning

Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems serving all of Orlando and all surrounding areas. If you are looking for good quality, fair prices and long lasting results from a fully insured and licensed cleaning company call 407-415-3419 or visit our helpful and informative website at and get your free consultation today!

Today was a long day but a great day. Cleaned 3 homes today 2 of which are repeat clients and 1 new client and also booked 5 more jobs as well. Tomorrow we will be cleaning 3 Tile Roofs in Kissimmee and possibly 1 in Grand Island if time permits. Grand Island is near Leesburg so we may have to schedule it for Wednesday.

To have great cleaning results from a pressure washing and non pressure roof cleaning company you should hire only professionals who really know what they are doing. You can always tell if you have the right person for the job if they quote you by square footage and not by throwing a quick price at you like 250.00 flat that is a sign that they are not real professionals, real professionals do estimates by measuring the size of your home or business either by coming out and doing a quote OR looking up your home or business' specs online. Also, do they have a website?? Almost every single true professional roof cleaning company has a website and/or a blog site. Do they have testimonials? References you can actually call? How long have they been in business and what methods they use and look at thier equipment. Do they only take cash?? If they take checks, do they have it made in thier legal name?? That is not a true professional.

Do not ever settle for the lowest price because that is exactly what you will get. Poor quality work and poor results, no insurance or license, cut corners and damages and th0se guys never last at all. Getting a very low price from someone is the person you need to NOT call back or use and the reason why I am saying this is for your protection of your property. That cheap cut throat isn't going to go out of his way to do an A+ job, he just needs quick cash and he's gone. I will tell you I am not nor will I ever be the cheapest and I will not be the most expensive either. I average with all my true professional competitors in price, a few bucks higher or lower and I do give repeats a price break for customer loyalty which I have over 600 repeat customers that rotate over a 2 to 3 year period since the way I clean homes and business' lasts for a very long time. Like today I cleaned a driveway I did in 2009 which was still pretty clean and only had mildew in the areas that have the most shade. I see my work all over the place while driving around and roofs I cleaned 5 years ago are still clean and I know nobody else had cleaned it since then because I do other work at those homes like pool enclosures, driveways and walks, gutter cleaning etc..

So before you pick a company I will give you this saying that I live by. "You get what you pay for" and it is so true in this business. I have been to so many homes or business' over the years where I was out bid before or they used a cheap guy before and were not satisfied with the results and had me do it for more of course but it was done right and without incident. I am a true professional, I do not cut corners or tell you something that is not true to get the job. I do this type of work 5 to 7 days a week and only do this type of work, this is my work life and has been since 1998 and I am extremely good at what I do and take pride in every job I do, that is how it should be and how it will always be.

Other companies who have the same work ethic as me and do excellent work in the Orlando area are Semper Fi Pressure Cleaning, All Florida Roof and Exterior Cleaning and KJ&E Cleaning by Jeff Poole.

In the Southwest region of Florida there is only one person that I highly praise and highly recommend is Chuck Bergman. He has been in this industry more than twice as long as I have been in it 34 years and counting so you can trust his work to be good and professional and he will do you right everytime with no issues. Visit his site at

In Tampa Florida there is only one name that you should trust and that name is Apple Roof Cleaning, Chris Tucker the owner has been awarded many times for his quality of work and is an embassador for the Roof Cleaning Industry in Florida and moderator for the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) visit his site at

In the Northwest Panhandle area of Florida call Russ at prokleen pressure wash or visit his site at

These are people you can trust, I trust them even as they are my competition and that says a lot about the type of people thay are. Honest, Reliable and Fair. Plus they are ethical to everyone.
Thanks for reading and we hope to serve you when the time calls for a quality cleaning.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning

Orlando Florida Pressure Washing and Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning serving all of Greater Orlando and all Surrounding areas with professional, reliable, affordable and honest service since 1998. Cleaning Roofs using a Non Pressure Roof Cleaning System also we clean home and business exteriors, driveways and sidewalks, screen enclosures and pool decks, patio furniture, wood and vinyl fences, brick walls, paver sealing, tile roof repaints and restoration and more..

Call 407-415-3419 or visit for more information and a free no hassle or obligation quote.

Our roof cleaning system is approved by all roofing manufacturers and we also clean roofs for roofing companies as well if the roof is still in good condition and does not need replacing.

This is a Roof cleaned on Wednesday Sept, 28th, 2011 that was so moldy you could not tell the color. I thought is may be red tile or orange tile. It was actually peach color. Chemically cleaned no high pressure and no plant damage. That is how you clean a roof and this is the before and after results that will last for several years.

If your tile roof has lost it’s color due to age or from being cleaned with damaging high pressure we also do complete tile roof painting and restoration. You pick out a color, any color and we will clean, inspect, replace or fix any broken tiles, fix mortar, seal and paint with a long lasting 15 year mildew resistant and heat reflective coating.

All of our other services will make any surface go from filthy dirty to clean like new so before you replace it or throw it away just ask if it can be cleaned which could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars with just a phone call.

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